Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ladies Only!!

Ladies Only!! I always likes this phrase! it looks something sweet, beautiful, and nice! If I usualy hear it in a club ..such "Ladies Night", now i can hear it in public transportation, train exactly! Yeah, this morning I was in railway coach for 'Ladies Only'. a little bit surprised, knew that this could be go on, don't know how long! as long as i know ...this stuff actually has been applied in Economic railway. But as you guessed, it didn't take too long to revoke its rules! People don't care which it's railway coach for ladies and not! No wonder, since many people entering train rush, they just wanna think that I must be in! And the train stops in every station!
Compare with Exclusive train: they just stop in some stations! and every railway coach has a guard! So, please ..if you are man, do not entering this place! This is Ladies Only!..hm nice one! I hope this special treatment can last for a long time! Thanks PT KIA.
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