Thursday, August 19, 2010

This is now what I feel ...

Dear my husband,

After a long time (from the beginning of fasting month) we always passed 'breaking fast', this time is the first time I should pass it without you! Really, everything it was different! there is no pleasure and enjoyment! not like when I enjoyed my meals in your car, even though it should be passed for hours, because of traffic jam!
I still remember, yesterday when i came home with your car, and everytime the traffic jam made our trip went slow...I am always nagging and said to you " tomorrow i better take the train! You go home with your car!". Then, when this morning you said that "I must attend the meeting this afternoon", I'm pleased to say "Ok, I really want to catch a train!"
And now, while on the train, why do i feel miserable? when time for breaking fast i look people around me are very happy enjoys their meals! I was silent and just enjoy my mineral water. Suddenly i don't wanna touch my meals in my bag! even though there is the best meals we both like: fried tofu!. I am totally lazy to touch it! Why i suddenly feel full? maybe because I know that it is your favorite meals for breaking fast! and frankly i bought it for you (cause i was thinking: who knows suddenly you canceled your meeting and you asked me to join with you back home!).
Finally, all the way, I just pray and hope that tommorow will come soon! and when the working hour ended, I will gladly to call you: "Dear, I 'll go home with you!"


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