Thursday, October 14, 2010

After 10 years passed by ..

Dear my husband,

Do you still remember how we used to be met? you came into my bus and took a seat beside me! you said hello and asked my name. That time you looked skinny! Along journey to my shuttle bus, you almost said nothing at all. I knew that you worried that I did not wanna answer every your question. But just before I got off the bus, you asked my address. And I just gave you incomplete addresses (gotcha' you wouldn't find my house! I thought :P )

A week passed by, Suddenly Saturday morning you came to my house. Surprised! How come? You said when you were in public transportation, you asked an old woman and she showed the way to here. (Now..I think she is an angel!!). After that we were close friends and a month later dating. Too fast to be my boyfriend! But I don't regret! Because 12 months later, we committed to married ! It's too fast, but I still don't regret! And in the end I realized that you're not a romantic guy, again - I do not regret! I love you just the way you are!

We celebrated our wedding on October 14, 2000 (right at the millennium). Simple but elegant! We are not superstar, we did not need to be celebrating lavish. Beside that, we wanted the day passed quickly! so we could enjoy our new life. Ops..there was one incident that I was hard to forget! when I saw you shed a few tears in our room! I asked you why? You said "I am so happy that finally I married ! :)

Today, 14 October 2010...10 years passed since we promised to love each other whether it's sad or happy! And now we have 3 children! They are our precious pearls! They grow up and always remind us about our commitment !

Thus, this is precious moment for us to review what our point of view, for our kids and their future!

Happy our Anniversary!! :L